Lincoln restaurant puts iPads on the menu

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A Lincoln restaurant has worked with a Lincolnshire company to swap its menu with tablet computers.

The system replaces pen and paper for service with Apple iPads, and also manages every aspect of the operations at The Jews House restaurant on The Strait in Lincoln.

Mediademon, based at The Terrace in the city and in Kirmington, Lincolnshire, has been working with Jews House for over two years to perfect the system called Halo for Restaurants.

Jews House restaurant manager Samantha Tomkins said: “It’s not just an ordering system. If the chef and staff are the heart and a brain of the restaurant, Halo is the nervous system.

“We’ve replaced pens and paper with iPads which are all we need for service: taking and sending orders, taking payments, communicating with everyone – front of house, kitchen, and office. Not only that, the chefs never complain that they can’t read our writing.”

Theresa Salisbury, Mediademon’s Commercial Manager, said The Jews House staff helped them shape Halo: “They have helped us design it so that it can be tailored to suit any restaurant /hospitality operation. We have even included language translation.”

Halo for Restaurants enables restaurants to manage every aspect of their operations, from front of house to bookings, menu printing, website integration, customer relationship management, stock control, and financial reporting.

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