May 21, 2012 3.34 pm This story is over 119 months old

Sausage Association fights back DEFRA decision

Back with a bang: A county sausage group are hoping to appeal the DEFRA decision over the Lincolnshire banger.

Lincolnshire Sausage Association may have been devastated by DEFRA’s rejection of Lincolnshire Sausage’s protected status, but it’s not backing down.

The association was disappointed when the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs rejected its bid to keep production of the true county banger in Lincolnshire.

DEFRA said this was because too many jobs would be put at risk, and that 95% of the sizzler is made outside of the county.

From May 24, LAS has 10 days to respond to the decision, and it intends to fight back.

Lincolnshire Sausage Association spokesperson Janet Godfrey explained: “Having read the decision letter I think that we have good grounds to argue our cause.

“They have put too much emphasis on the recipe, especially the sage content and the relatively high rusk or bread content, rather than the ‘specification’ and the fact that the coarse ground meat and the rusk or bread content give the sausage its loose texture and a bite that is not found in non-Lincolnshire Lincolnshire sausages. PGI status is about specification and not recipe.

“They have also put too much credence on the objectors statement that 95% of Lincolnshire sausages are made outside of the county. I don’t believe they have measured the Lincolnshire sausages that are made by our butchers but that are not packaged.

“I am upset by the fact that the objectors’ represent only a small proportion of these so-called Lincolnshire sausage makers and yet have used this as an argument. The vast majority of Lincolnshire sausage makers have not objected to our application and are quite content to rebrand.

“The allegation that PGI status for Lincolnshire Sausages would lead to a loss of jobs is preposterous. If this was the case, then he is inferring that sausage consumption would substantially decline.

“Those other Lincolnshire sausage makers will continue to supply their usual customers but just not be able to call them Lincolnshire sausages. PGI status for Lincolnshire sausages would be job neutral nationally and job beneficial for Lincolnshire. Defra did not consider jobs when they granted Melton Mowbray pork pies and Cornish Pasties PGI status.”

The Association is currently raising the funds for legal advice to appeal the bid by DEFRA.

“I really don’t think we should take it lying down – our politicians should be up in arms and we need to rally the public to help us financially,” Godfrey added.