May 30, 2012 9.38 am This story is over 138 months old

Tracker system ensures quick care for stroke victims

New system: Lincoln County Hospital are improving ways of tracking stroke victims to ensure they are seen in a timeframe.

Stroke patients will now be tracked more precisely during their stays in Lincoln County Hospital, to ensure efficient care.

A new tracking system was introduced to allow for quicker treatment of patients.

Fast treatment in stroke patients can save lives and also reduce long lasting effects after a stroke.

Stroke patients are expected to be admitted onto the the unit, and receive a CT scan and swallowing assessment, within four hours.

Site Duty Manager Joanne Pullen (pictured) is hoping to roll out the improved system to more patients.

She said: “One of the stoke standards we have to meet is that all patients will be admitted to the stroke unit within four hours, so I will check all patients who have been admitted to the site each day to see if this standard was met and if not will work with the relevant clinical team to ensure processes are put in place to ensure this is achieved.

“Over the last few weeks I have been addressing issues with meeting the targets and putting measures into place so we achieve the best journey for the patient and the best care possible.”

“The benefits have already been proven as the patients are getting to the stroke unit immediately and are receiving the care that they need to enable a speedier recovery.”

Pullen also tracks patients who are admitted to A&E or the Emergency Assessment Unit with a possible stroke to ensure they are also seen within timeframes set by Stroke Quality Indicators.

Source: ULHT