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Lincolnshire sausage petition needs your support

Fight for the sausage: New petition to support the Lincolnshire sausage after Defra rejected its PGI status proposal.

The Lincolnshire Sausage Association is not taking no for an answer following Defra’s rejection to provide geographical protection for the county’s banger.

They have now set up a petition to ensure that the Lincolnshire sausage is “no longer corrupted by alternative recipes and specifications” and to support the 160 sausage makers in the county.

The petition has more than 410 signatures already, and the association is calling for people in Lincolnshire to back them up.

Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) status for the Lincolnshire sausage would mean that no other butcher or company outside the county would be able to produce the famous sausage.

A true Lincolnshire sausage is at least 70% pork meat, coarsely cut and mixed with rusk breadcrumbs and sage, packed in natural casings.

Lincolnshire sausages on sale in major supermarkets are not usually produced in the county and have varying recipes, although Sainsbury’s are the closest.

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