September 25, 2012 4.12 pm This story is over 140 months old

Outer Circle blackout leaves 900 properties powerless

Power malfunction: A segment of uphill Lincoln was without power for a portion of the day due to a fault in underground cabling.

Lincoln’s Outer Circle Road

A power blackout on Lincoln’s Outer Circle Road left homes and businesses without electricity for around 40 minutes on Tuesday.

Around 900 properties were affected following a fault with an underground cable in the area.

Engineers from Western Power Distribution were called just after 2pm on September 25.

Power was restored to the entire area later that afternoon by 2.40pm.

Traffic lights in the area were also affected by the power cut, but normal operations have now been restored.

Businesses in the area were forced to find other means of powering their premises. Listers Toyota Lincoln were able to use their emergency lighting system, but the blackout caused their telephone system to malfunction.

“We had to set a phone divert to our Lexus branch, and the blackout has prevented us turning over cars to customers,” said Toyota Lincoln’s General Manager, James Boughton-Thomas.

“Power cuts happen more in other parts of Lincoln than here, so we’re getting through it alright.

“Somebody loses power in our organisation two or three times a month across the midlands.”