October 11, 2012 1.38 pm This story is over 116 months old

Council makes parking manual ahead of fines enforcement

Parking manual: The council is taking over parking enforcement duties from December 3.

Lincolnshire County Council produced a parking manual for county motorists before it starts handing out fines for inappropriate parking.

The council is taking over parking enforcement duties from December 3.

Around 20 enforcement officers, wearing distinctive green and navy uniforms, will fine motorists parking inconsiderately where they shouldn’t.

They will enforce existing ‘on street’ traffic restrictions including double and single yellow lines, yellow kerb no loading or unloading markings, and limited waiting times in parking bays.

Fines will be between £50 and £70, reduced by half if paid within 14 days.

Mick Phoenix, Parking Services Manager, said: “We expect to get powers from the DfT at the end of November, and it makes sense to start using them as soon as we can.

“By deterring inconsiderate parking, it will mean people looking to do some last minute Christmas shopping can park more easily, using the limited waiting parking bays near shops.

Concerns have been raised in Lincoln that the start date for parking enforcement coincides with the Christmas Market rush in the city, when parking spaces are at a premium, but Mick Phoenix said this should actually improve the situation.

“We don’t want to give out tickets, we want motorists to stick to the restrictions in place, so they don’t obstruct the road for others, or outstay the time in limited waiting bays, preventing shoppers from using them,” he added.

Up until December 3, the team will only give out warning notices, said Councillor William Webb, Executive Member for Highways and Transportation.

“We’re responding to feedback and will now be giving warning notices to those breaching the parking restrictions for a fortnight, not just a week, in the run up to the start date, to help raise awareness that enforcement will take place more regularly from 3 December.

“Currently, we don’t expect the income to meet the costs involved. This isn’t about making money, it’s about ensuring there is an appropriate level of parking enforcement for the county to help keep motorists moving, reduce congestion and support local shops with parking bays nearby.”

See the Lincolnshire Civil Parking Enforcement Procedures Manual:

Source: Lincolnshire County Council