How smart systems can save you money

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— Aimee Holland formed Grow My Profit in 2011 to support local businesses in their development. The team has now grown to include fresh young talent and a qualified programmer so that they can offer both offline and online business solutions.

What’s the status quo in your business? What do you do every day on auto pilot and why do you do it that way? Organisational systems appear as the way things are done around here naturally in every business.

Smart systems are designed to make and save you money.

Think about the jobs you do regularly such as invoicing, contacting customers or administration. If it happens regularly and in a similar way then it’s a prime example of when a smart system can save you money and focus your team on making more.

Some of the world’s most successful companies pride themselves on their systems, Toyota and MacDonald’s to name just two. But you don’t have to be a global player to save money on running your business.

Adam Smith in the Wealth of Nations talked of smart systems in the 1700’s. He may not have had the technological tools we have today but the principles remain the same.

Mapping can be a great way to understand your system. Draw out the things that happen and how they work together to see if you can create a process between them. Even better if you can then use technology to automate that process you can really start saving some money.

If you are a senior manager, think about asking one of your administrators to give you an induction to their role. Once you see repetition you can see savings too. Your administrator can then focus on more productive activities such as building customer relationships and your profits will grow.