January 14, 2013 10.07 am This story is over 132 months old

PCC Hardwick has new policing plan for Lincolnshire

New policing plan Lincolnshire’s new PCC has outlined the key areas to work on within policing going forward.

Alan Hardwick, the first elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, has outlined his police and crime plan proposals.

The plan committs to maintaining officer levels in the county at 1,100 with the recruitment of 23 new officers, as well as bringing in up to 1,000 volunteers in the force.

PCC Hardwick said: “During my election campaign I spoke to many hundreds of Lincolnshire residents about my vision for policing the county in which we are privileged to live.

“There was a great deal of positivity, and I was heartened by the number of people who spoke publicly and privately to me about their problems and ideas, about the value of volunteers, about victims and witnesses of crime, and about the vulnerable in society.

“I am confident that my proposed Police and Crime Plan reflects their priorities. The people of Lincolnshire have put their faith and trust in me, and I have no intention of letting them down.”

PCC’s police and crime proposals

There are a number of ideas outlined within the plan from Alan Hardwick, and below are the key points he plans to tackle:

  • There is a downward trend in crime in Lincolnshire and the force is committed to maintaining 1,100 police officers and recruit 23 new police officers.
  • With the help of the Chief Constable, Hardwick will introduce the role of Volunteer Police Community Support Officers (VPCSOs). Together with an expansion of the special constabulary and non-uniform volunteer roles, it is his ambition to have 1,000 Lincolnshire volunteers working alongside employed officers and staff.
  • Unless there is an operational reason not to, in future all police officers will wear their uniform when on duty and all police vehicles involved in front line policing will be clearly marked.
  • Police stations will not be closed where there is a demonstrable operational/community need. The PCC is investigating the possibility of sharing the use of some of police stations with the local community.
  • Alcohol is the cause of much anti-social behaviour and the PCC says he is committed to zero tolerance of unlawful and nuisance street drinking.

See the main police and crime plan below: