April 24, 2013 10.32 am This story is over 110 months old

Adder snakes spotted in Lincoln Swanholme Lakes

Keep your distance: Adders have been spotted on camera at Swanholme Lakes, south of Lincoln.

With the start of the warmer weather around Lincoln, adders have been confirmed to be living in Swanholme Lakes.

The confirmed adder sighting was caught on camera at the lakes, near Hartsholme Park, by City of Lincoln Council’s civic chauffeur Keith Prescott.

This spot was filmed during a recent visit to the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

While City of Lincoln conservation staff and Natural England are reminding people not to disturb the area.

Senior Ranger Ruth Simons said: “We are very pleased and excited at having a new species confirmed in the Lakes where the habitat is ideal for adders.

“It is a fenced off area with restricted access and, if left undisturbed, adders will leave people alone so the advice if anyone should see one is just that – leave it alone, especially this time of year when they are just waking up.”

Ruth Simons added that the adders are unlikely to move into Hartsholme Park due to the differing habitat, but you can find harmless grass snakes and lizards there.

The City Council regularly surveys amphibian and reptile species across sites in the city, but Simons said the additional species was encouraging.

Staff within the park are now compiling an information board for visitor to learn more about the snake, which is considered an declining and therefore protected specials under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).

An adder classes as a venomous snake, and the only one found in the UK, but only bite when provoked. A adder bite can cause nausea and faintness, swellings and vomiting.

Not all bites inject venom, and although painful, most cases are not severe. They can be treated effectively in hospital using anti-venom medicine.