July 12, 2013 10.26 am This story is over 129 months old

Lincolnshire Trading Standards seize poisonous dolls

Dangerous toy: Trading Standards are trying to get hold of fruit-head dolls due to a hazardous chemical used.

Lincolnshire Trading Standards are seizing dolls on sale in the county due to a poisonous chemical found inside.

The “fruit-head dolls” — babies featuring strawberry, apple, tomato and blackcurrant heads — contain Phthalates.

Phthalates are banned in children’s toys as it’s dangerous if ingested, and could lead to cancer, deformities in unborn babies and infertility in men.

They are most commonly found on market stalls, and Trading Standards are asking residents to send reports if they see them in circulation.

Alexandra Connell, senior trading standards officer at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We have seized hundreds of these dolls over the last year trying to take them out of circulation, but worryingly we are still getting reports of them being sold at markets in Lincolnshire.

“These are very bright and attractive looking toys and may have been purchased for young children.

“So, to keep your children safe, I would advise you not to purchase these dolls, and should you see any on sale, to contact us on 01522 782341 with as much information about the location and name of the retailer as possible.”

A certain style of the dolls are the most dangerous, these are:

  • Model 6369: a crawling doll with a polka-dot dress. No packaging or labelling
  • Model A-197: baby doll with eight different outfits, each with a picture of an animal’s head on the chest. Packaged in a plastic bag.
  • Model A-198: four dolls, each with a head in the form of a fruit. Packaged in a plastic bag.

Lincolnshire Trading Standards can be contacted on 01522 782341 or by email at [email protected].