July 12, 2013 12.42 pm This story is over 123 months old

Typhoon skims onlookers’ heads at Waddington Airshow

Down low: Enthusiasts were left stunned after a Typhoon landing at RAF Waddington skimmed their heads.

Aircraft enthusiasts were left running for cover after a Typhoon jet approached the RAF Waddington airfield extremely low.

The incident was filmed during the Waddington Airshow 2013 by YouTube user and plane enthusiast “Bobsurgranny“.

A number of people gathered close to a stretch of the airfield by the A15 that is part of a flight path, using ladders to see over into the airbase.

There, the Typhoon jet came thundering over their heads in an unusually low fashion, causing many to run out of the way or dive to the ground.

No-one was injured during the Typhoon’s impressive dive into the RAF base.