July 12, 2013 1.04 pm This story is over 124 months old

Lincolnshire councillors vote against 22% allowance rise

No change: County councillors agreed to oppose a 22% rise in their allowance at a Full Council meeting.

Lincolnshire County Councillors voted unanimously against any rise in councillor pay allowances on Friday, July 12.

At a Full Council Meeting, councillors supported the motion not to see a 22% rise in their allowances.

The motion was brought forward initially by Labour Councillor John Hough, who disagreed with a rise of 22%.

He felt given the current economic climate, with cuts in County Council services and residents’ living standards, it is unjust to agree to a raise.

He instead proposed a rise of 1% in order for councillors continue fulfilling their posts.

At the council meeting in Lincoln, councillors agreed that their should not be a rise in allowances, but instead proposed that there should be no change at all.

This motion was forwarded by UKIP councillor Chris Pain and seconded by Councillor Alan Jesson.

The review came before council after a review in 2010 by the Independent Remuneration Panel, which recommended that councillors receive on average £1,816 more in allowances per year.

The council agreed to defer the increase and use the money toward the Lincolnshire community instead, but the time came for the motion to again be reviewed.

However, another independent review on councillor’s allowances will take place, and be brought back to a Full Council meeting in December.