Council collects 15k green waste bins after new £25 fee

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More than 15,000 green bins have been collected in Lincoln over the last month — which would equate to a 43% take-up of the previously free service across the city.

Some 14,200 properties have signed up, out of a total of 33,000 Lincoln households receiving the service free before July.

The City of Lincoln Council introduced an annual £25 fee for green waste collections at the beginning of July, in a bid to help balance its budget after funding cuts from central government.

As it stands, 15,412 bins have been paid for.

John Bibby, Director of Housing and Community Services at the City Council, said: “The money the scheme brings goes a long way to offset the costs of providing these collections for residents.

“People can opt in to the service at any time during the year but we would encourage anyone thinking about joining to do so sooner rather than later so they can enjoy the benefits it brings for a longer period of time.”

“At less than 50 pence a week, we believe this is good value for money compared with the costs of any alternatives.”

The garden waste collection service runs from the beginning of July to the end of June.

Anyone not wanting to sign up is being asked to keep hold of their bin so they can use it to store their green waste before taking it to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, or even use it as a makeshift compost bin.

If they decide at a later date to sign up to the collections they will already have the bin ready to go.

However, if the bin is collected by the council and the person decides to opt in at a later date they will be charged £10 to have a new one delivered.

People also have the option to share a green bin with a friend or neighbour, meaning they can also share the cost.

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