November 7, 2013 12.33 pm This story is over 101 months old

What a UKIP Lincoln MP would do

A UKIP MP? Nick Smith was selected by his local brach to be a candidate for Lincoln’s MP in the 2015 general elections. He sets out his policies in his first column.

Editor’s note: Nick Smith was selected last week by his local branch as the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lincoln in 2015.

Education is very important to me, but at the moment our hard working teachers in Lincoln cannot cope with such a diverse range of needs and requirements. The present “one size fits none” system does not work. Therefore we must have grammar schools for children requiring an academic education, and technical schools for those who want a vocational education. This would benefit children who want a vocational education, as teachers would not need to dedicate time to helping the academic children, and could focus on providing the right education for the individual student.

Local democracy is a fundamental principle of UKIP, and on any issue which is particularly important to the people of Lincoln, we should have a local referendum, and the local council would have to act according to how you voted. I suspect this idea will be unpopular with the council executives, who try to ignore what you and I think about matters central to our daily lives: libraries, bus services, and roads, for example.

Every day I see the problems that Lincolnshire’s roads create. Much damage is caused to our roads by foreign lorries, driven by ill-trained drivers who do not pay a penny towards the upkeep of our roads. If we wish to use publicly funded roads we must pay for them, and it should be no different for foreign drivers. Therefore, I propose that anyone entering Britain to use our roads must have a ‘Britdisc’, to ensure that they pay the same amount that anyone else would pay for using Lincolnshire’s roads.

We are told constantly by Labour that they will ‘freeze energy prices for two years’. The easiest way to decrease your energy bills instantly by 10% is for the government to get rid of the ridiculous green taxes, which are used to subsidise inefficient wind turbines. UKIP is the only major party that wants to do this.

UKIP is also the only major party that wants to scrap Trident, and invest in tactical nuclear weapons on cruise missiles which can be delivered from land, sea, and air. We must not be afraid to seriously consider alternatives to Trident, which is rapidly becoming antiquated and inefficient.

Moreover, Labour claim to be the party that represents working people, but when they were in government they increased the supply of labour in this country by letting in 3 million migrants. This caused wages to plummet, because if there are hundreds of applicants for a single job, companies can pay the bare minimum.

Open-door immigration under Labour also meant that unemployment increased. Unlimited immigration is not in the interest of working people. I believe in British jobs for British workers, so don’t let Labour lose you your job.

Nick Smith is the UKIP candidate for Lincoln MP and the Chairman of UKIP Lincoln Constituency Association.