Councillors who voted against allowance increase accept 23% rise

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All the Lincolnshire county councillors who voted against a 23% increase in their allowances have now accepted the raise.

After voting in February against a rise in their personal allowances, 20 county councillors have now backtracked on their decision.

The 23.4% rise approved in February initially saw 50 county councillors vote in favour of the increase and 20 councillors vote against.

All of those who voted ‘no’ to the increase in February will now be taking the additional allowance from £8,184 to £10,100 per year.

The allowances for opposition group leaders will also rise to £9,090 due to the responsibility of providing an effective opposition to the majority group.

However, six of those who voted in favour of the rise in February have not accepted the increase in allowance.

Leader of the council, Councillor Martin Hill was in line for a 56% increase to £32,000 per year. He was among the six not taking the surplus allowance.

Any member can choose to forego the offer by submitting a formal rejection to Democratic Serviced Manager Nigel West.

The 20 councillors who have now accepted by default the rise after originally voting against are:

  • Victoria Ayling (UKIP)
  • Phil Dilks (Labour)
  • Sarah Dodds (Labour)
  • Geoffrey Ellis (Labour)
  • John Hicks (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • John Hough (Labour)
  • Dean Hunter-Clarke (UKIP)
  • Robin Hunter-Clarke (UKIP)
  • Ian Jackson (Labour)
  • Rosanne Kirk (Labour)
  • Colin Mair (UKIP)
  • Charmaine Morgan (Labour)
  • Neil Murray (Labour)
  • Stephen Palmer (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • Robert Parker (Labour)
  • Elizabeth Ransome (UKIP)
  • Felicity Ransome (UKIP)
  • Sue Ransome (UKIP)
  • Judy Renshaw (Labour)
  • Robin Renshaw (Labour)

The six councillors who voted for the increase but rejected the extra allowance are:

  • Martin Hill OBE (Conservative)
  • Nick Worth (Conservative)
  • Ray Wootten (Conservative)
  • Linda Wootten (Conservative)
  • Susan Rawlins (Lincolnshire Independents)
  • William Webb (Conservative)