Graffiti revamp for Bracebridge Heath skate park

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New ramps at Bracebridge Heath Skatepark are being decorated with the help of a local artist and young residents of the village.

In a mission to allow kids using the park to take ownership with their artwork, young people and families in the village have the chance to play a part in the designs.

The new ramps, on BBH Recreational Ground, Bath Road, have been designed by James Mayle of Image Skool on behalf of Bracebridge Heath Parish Council and ArtsNK.

The artwork on the ramps is also hoped to protect from future ‘unauthorised’ graffiti.

So far, the artwork has been created via special indoor and outdoor workshops with the community.

The last finishing spray painting sessions are scheduled at the Bracebridge Heath pavilion on Thursday, May 29 from 10am until 3pm.

Photo: Image Skool

Photo: Image Skool