Bike thefts increase in Lincoln and thieves more blatant, police warn

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Lincolnshire Police are warning city residents to make sure they secure their bikes properly after a significant spike in thefts across Lincoln in the past month.

Some 47 bike thefts have been reported to police in the last 28 days, predominantly in the city centre.

Police say thieves are getting more blatant and going well-equipped for stealing, as they even bolt crop the bike locks in broad daylight.

Lincolnshire Police say there is still a lot cyclists can do to protect their bikes. They recommend cyclists use D locks, and it is also recommended to register their bike on Immobilise.

Further police advice for cyclists includes:

  • Always secure your bicycle to a robust structure such as a lamp post or bicycle rack
  • Choose a site which is well lit, visible to members of the public and if possible in view of a CCTV camera.
  • Remember to secure your bicycle when you get home to a robust structure or locked shed

In another measure to tackle the crime, Lincolnshire Police has designed a Bicycle Passport to record the details of your bicycle, which can be used by officers to trace your bicycle, should it be stolen. Download your copy.

Police are asking members of the public and cyclists to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity around bicycles, or let them know if they’re offered a bike for sale that they believe may be stolen. Thieves must be disposing of the bikes somehow.

If anyone would like more information about bike security, please contact the relevant Neighbourhood Policing Team.