September 17, 2014 10.06 am This story is over 110 months old

Branston potato factory launches education tour bus

From field to fork: Branston potato factory are sending off their educational tour bus to schools across the country.

Branston potato factory handles around 350,000 tonnes of potatoes per year, and is now working hard to offer healthy eating education and innovation.

From this week, and with the help of their new mascot Billy Branston, they’ll be touring the country on their ‘Amazing Potato Factory’ tour bus in order to share the potato process with children across the UK.

Billy’s Amazing Potato Factory is a fully kitted-out double decker bus where children can learn all about a potato’s journey from field to fork.

The programme was set up to tie in with the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum.

The campaign is in support of the Tesco Eat Happy Project. Tesco, who are Branston’s biggest customer, is rolling out its commitment to help children “have a better relationship with food”.

The bus was launched by Billy Branston, factory staff and Tesco representatives at the factory on Mere Road, Branston, on Tuesday, September 16.

Billy will make his first stop in Dunston on September 17. Schools can book a visit from Billy and his bus by contacting [email protected].

Branston Sales and Marketing Director, James Tuscott, said: “Initially, we wanted to tour the country spreading the good news story about potatoes.

“Then Tesco did their Eat Happy campaign, which explains to children what good healthy food looks like and how it gets from the supermarket shelves.

“It was an excellent opportunity for us to partner with that programme, and we are able to make much more noise about potatoes.

“The bus os 80% educational and 20% fun cooking. Children will be able to hop on board and gain and interactive insight into where their potatoes come from.

“We think this is something that will spark loads of enthusiasm in kids and it’s something that small businesses like our selves don’t get the opportunity to do very often.”