October 8, 2014 9.54 am This story is over 109 months old

Lincolnshire trade unions prepare week-long fair pay protests

Striking for better pay: Trade union staff from across Lincolnshire will take part in a week of action to campaign for fair pay.

Trade union staff from across Lincolnshire will take part in a week of action to campaign for fair pay.

Beginning with a rally in Lincoln on Saturday, October 11, the Lincoln and District Trades’ Union Council will be joined by other workers from across the county to make their message heard.

The rally will take place at Speakers Corner on Lincoln High Street from 12 noon.

On Monday, October 13, Lincolnshire workers from several unions across the NHS will join national four-hour strike action from 7-11am.

This will be followed on Tuesday, October 14 with a national one-day strike of local government and school workers.

Later Update – Unions have now suspended plans to strike on October 14. 

October 15 will then see civil servants in the PCS union walking out for twenty-four hours.

Then, on Saturday, October 18, three coaches will set off from Lincolnshire to join a national demonstration in London organised by the TUC.

The Lincoln and District TUC secretary, Nick Parker, said: “Working-class people in the public and private sector are fed up with always having to put up with falling living standards.

“We keep hearing that there’s a recovery and that unemployment is falling. If that’s the case, why does our pay keep being pushed down, while pay for MPs and top bosses keeps going up?

“Over the next week, workers across the country will be sending out a message loud and clear in the run-up to the general election that, whoever gets in, ‘we all need a pay rise!’ We encourage as many people as possible to join a union and get active.”