New design for Lincoln Eastern Bypass bridge approved

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Lincolnshire County Council approved plans for a new design of the cycle and foot bridge over the Lincoln Eastern Bypass after the original plans were rejected by the Department for Transport following a public enquiry.

The bridge will link the two sides of Hawthorn Road, which will not allow car traffic over the bridge on the western side of the bypass.

The bridge is designed for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. On the east side, a junction will allow vehicles access to and from the bypass.

The revised design for the Hawthorne road bridge. Photo: LCC

The revised design for the Hawthorn Road bridge. Photo: LCC

The plans will replace the original submission of the Hawthorn Road cycle and footpath bridge over the £96m Eastern Bypass project – after rejection following a judicial review.

Work on the project is set to start in 2015.

Originally, the County Council planned for Hawthorn Road to continue over the bypass on a bridge, but would only be accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.

Residents in villages east of the bypass plans raised concerns about the bridge plans, stating the bridge would block motorists’ access to Lincoln.