December 5, 2014 10.52 am This story is over 107 months old

Lincoln chip shop takes educational trip to Norway

Chippy trip: A Lincoln chippy took part in an educational trip to Norway as a finalist of a national award.

Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln has been on a special trip to Norway due to being a finalist in the 2015 National Fish & Chip Awards.

Representatives from each of the 10 finalists visited the country courtesy of award sponsors the Norwegian Seafood Council to exchange tips about cooking the best fish and chips to sourcing fish.

The 10 went to Ålesund on the west coast of Norway for three days, all expenses paid.

The chippy on Burton Road met with top Norwegian chefs to teach about preparing a fish and chips meal, whilst also visiting the Barents Sea, home to the largest and most sustainable cod stock in the world.

They learned about the supply chain of Frozen At Sea (FAS) fish from Norway to the UK and saw the entire fishing process, from catching to processing and filleting, and studied the fishery management programme in Norway.

Finalists also trawled for cod aboard Andenesfisk 1, learning how a trawl is set, hauled and the resultant catch quickly frozen to retain freshness.


They visited Klippfiskakademietwere (The Klippfish Academy), to exchange knowledge with a selection of top Norwegian chefs and cook traditional fish and chips for 45 guests.

Jack-Robert Møller, UK Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council, said: “I hope the finalists found the experience as enjoyable as we did and learned something new about the whitefish they serve in their shops across the UK.

“They truly are fantastic ambassadors for the fish frying industry in the UK and I know the Norwegian chefs and guests were inspired by the delicious dishes they served.

“Here in Norway we pride ourselves on the quality of the fish we supply to fish and chips shops across the UK. It is essential to us that we manage our fisheries in harmony with nature to ensure the fish stocks in our cold, clear waters are in abundant supply for ever.”

Paul Williams, Chief Executive of Seafish, added: “Having already gone through a tough judging process, it’s great that we’re able to offer shortlisted shops the opportunity to attend this educational study trip, before the overall winner is crowned in January.”

The overall winner of the awards will be announced at an awards ceremony on January 20, 2015.