10 hour takeover: Lincoln man becomes human ‘Sim’ for charity

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Lincoln man Joe Lovett is literally putting his life in the hands of online sponsors in a 10-hour stint that sees him acting as a virtual ‘Sim’.

From midday until 10pm on Monday, February 2, people wishing to take part in Joe’s event in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society can log on to twitch.tv/controljoe to give him their instruction — or use the controls below.

Joe will only eat, travel and do whatever commenters on his site tell him to do for a donation of £1 or more, as well as from Twitter using #Controljoe.

Of course those taking part are met with a set of limitations. The rules are:

  • Nothing illegal
  • Nothing dangerous or damaging
  • Nothing offensive
Joe Lovett and his real-life Sim setup.

Joe Lovett and his real-life Sim setup.

Joe said: “I will be attaching a GoPro to my head, and will be live streaming my whole day. The internet will control me simply by commenting or suggesting instructions people will be playing a real life Sim.

“For 10 hours I will have a GoPro linked to a laptop, that will be streaming the video, straight from a rucksack on my back, which in turn will be connected to the internet through a portable 4G router.

“To receive the orders I will be in a constant call with my partner for the idea, Jack Snell, who will tell me the latest order through an earpiece.

“I’m doing this to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, a disease that takes away peoples ability to control their own lives.

“Metaphorically I’ll be in the shoes of somebody with MS, not able to do the things they want to do.
What I am doing barely scratches the surface of what an MS sufferer goes through.

“But I hope it will capture the imagination and make people question and appreciate the control they have over their own bodies, and perhaps more importantly, their own lives.”

Control Joe

Watch live video from ControlJoe on www.twitch.tv