Lincoln councillors approve 1.91% council tax precept rise

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The City of Lincoln Council’s portion of the council tax will rise by 1.91%, bringing the total yearly charge for Band D households in the city to £1,533.33.

The precept rise was agreed by councillors at a meeting on Tuesday, March 3, meaning a £3.60 rise for some 80% of city households (Band D), and totalling the council’s segment of the charge to £249.75 a year.

As previously reported, Lincolnshire County Council approved a council tax rise for the next financial year of 1.95% on Friday, February 6.

City of Lincoln Council Leader Ric Metcalfe said: “The freeze option is a very unsatisfactory move by government and it’s unrealistic. If you want good public sector services they have to be paid for.

“We never like putting up council tax for no reason at all. The increase we have agreed tonight is a tiny increase, it equates to only £3.60 a year, so 6p a week for 80% of our council tax payers.”

Lincolnshire Police also increased their share of this year’s council tax by 1.95%, stating that the additional income would help maintain officer numbers.

North Kesteven District Council increased their share of council tax by 1.91%, and West Lindsey will not increase their share.

The total council tax charge for the year 2015/16 will be:

  • Band A: £1,022.22
  • Band B: £1,192.59
  • Band C: £1,362.96
  • Band D: £1,533.33
  • Band E: £1,874.07
  • Band F: £2,214.81
  • Band G: £2,555.55
  • Band H: £3,066.66