Lincolnshire Police search for person asking for help using toilet facilities

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Lincolnshire Police have launched an appeal in order to trace a person who has been reportedly asking for help using toilet facilities in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

Officers say that they received four reports of a man or woman asking for assistance in Lincoln, Stickney, Saxilby and Gainsborough between late July last year and January this year.

The individual in a car had stopped members of the public and asked if there were toilet facilities nearby, and if the person they had stopped could assist them with urinating.

Reports indicate a wheelchair may have been in the back of the vehicle and that the individual in question may have mobility issues.

The appeal was launched by police, who say the person may need help or support from relevant agencies.

They say they have been unable to ascertain a clear description of the person or vehicle involved.

Anyone that has been approached by a person with a similar request should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting incident 111 of April 1, 2015.