April 29, 2015 5.07 pm This story is over 109 months old

Sneak peek: Irish/American bar The Rogue Saint in Lincoln

The Rogue Saint: We went for a sneak peek of new Lincoln bar The Rogue Saint. See inside.

A new Irish/American-inspired bar opens its doors on Thursday, April 30 in the former Scy venue on Mint Street in Lincoln, after a complete refit costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The bar is the latest venture by the owners of The Strait and Narrow on The Strait, and has created 12 new jobs for the city.

The venue was opened in November by the team as alternative nightclub Second Nature, with thousands invested. The club closed its doors however after only a couple of weeks, and the team went back to the drawing board.

The new venue will specialise in whiskeys, vodka, gin and brandy-inspired drinks from pre-prohibition America of the 1860s and 1870s.

It will also provide long-lost cocktails from the era as part of its Survivors Collection – as well as hand-pulled ales and Guinness.

The bar will host a range of entertainment such as live music and DJs, and includes a dance floor. During the day, the music will be a mixture of Rock and Roll, Blues and Rhythm.

Doors will open at 6pm April 30, and normal opening hours from then on will be 12pm until late.

Having grown up in Dublin, Robbie Dowdall, General Manager of The Rogue Saint wanted to bring some of his home culture to Lincoln.

General Manager Robbie Dowdall. Photo: The Lincolnite

General Manager Robbie Dowdall. Photo: The Lincolnite

He said: “There isn’t an Irish bar in Lincoln. It is what the city is missing. We love our bourbon and we love our rye whiskeys and we liked the innovation that was happening through the years of pre-prohibition. It’s all about the different kinds of whiskeys that we’ve got.

“We found the pre-prohibition years interesting. The whiskeys, bourbons, gins and brandies at that time were very big things and that’s what we want to develop and showoff.

“When you go to a bar where I am from, you go there for the conversation and drinks and you make it your second living room. You go there to enjoy the atmosphere and soak it up. That’s what we are doing here. Creating that atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and get a really good drink.”