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Group pay a Mini farewell to Vulcan XH558 at RAF Waddington

Iconic meet: Some 20 vintage Minis were in formation beneath the iconic Vulcan XM607 at the weekend for a special salute to the XH558.

As the last flying Vulcan XH558 brings its final season in to land, Lincoln-based Bomber County Mini members gathered in formation at RAF Waddington for an iconic photo opportunity.

Mini club members brought 20 vintage cars to the base on Sunday, July 26.

They lined their cars alongside the XM607, which served its last operation in Falklands raids in 1982. It is now famously the Gate Guard at RAF Waddington.

As previously reported, the Vulcan to the Sky trust announced thew XH558 would be stopped from flying due to servicing issues and the age of the aircraft.

Hundreds of people have gathered across the country to see off the aircraft in its final flights.

Chris Moss and Laura Evans, both serving members of the RAF, arranged the visit.

Chris said: “With XH558 being the last ever flying Vulcan, in its final flying season, it seemed fitting that a large number of Lincoln based Bomber County Mini members gathered with their Minis.

“The Avro Vulcan B2 first entered service in 1960, it was intended to be completely replaced by the Tornado during 1982, but that was before the Falklands Conflict began.

“The large four-engined delta-winged bomber was known affectionately as the ‘tin triangle’ and was originally designed to carry Britain’s nuclear deterrent as a high-level bomber.

“It had never operated in anger, but that was now to change. To prepare the Vulcans for their new role, from 9 April a ‘round-the-clock’ engineering effort was begun. Aircraft based at Waddington were completely overhauled and re-fuelling probes were hunted down and recovered from such places as Catterick, Woodford, and Goose Bay in Labrador and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.”

He added: “The morning’s visit was great fun, the weather held off and allowed us a close up view of this amazing historical aircraft.”

Chris, also a member of the RAF Mini club will be taking part in a large event at locations around London in September, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

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