Campaigners to hold protest in Lincoln against “dangerous” trade deal

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A national campaign group is holding a day of action in Lincoln city centre to voice their concerns over a controversial trade deal involving the UK.

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States which could come into force from 2016.

Supporters of the deal argue that it would bring prosperity and economic growth while critics believe that it would increase corporate power and allow vested interests to have a greater influence on government policy at home and abroad.

So far, an EU-wide petition against TTIP has received almost 2.5 million signatures.

Members of the Lincoln branch of the campaign community 38 Degrees will take to the streets outside main Boots on High Street on Saturday, August 22, from 11am.

Jade Clarke, a 38 Degrees member from Lincoln said: “TTIP is an extremely dangerous deal that will increase the power and control held by corporations to irreversible levels of destruction, yet hardly anyone knows about it.”

Amy Lockwood, a campaigner at 38 Degrees said: “People in Lincoln have a right to know that this dodgy deal is being hashed out behind their backs.

“From the NHS, to schools, to the food on our tables, TTIP could tear up the public services and protections that people fought hard for.

“Saturday’s day of action is all about the people of Lincoln sending a message to corporate lobbyists: we won’t sit back while you re-write the rules of democracy.”

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