RAF Red Arrows grounded after fans obstruct flight path

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Training for the RAF Red Arrows, based at RAF Scampton near Lincoln, was interrupted when a number of fans stood in the flight paths of the aircraft in order to take photographs.

A warning was issued by pilot ‘Red 10’, urging people not to stand directly under the paths of aircraft taking off and landing after their training ground to a halt due to the interference on Friday, January 15.

“Unnecessary risks”

The tweet from the Red 10 account read: “We are very honoured that so many people enjoy coming to RAF Scampton to watch the Red Arrows train and we do truly enjoy seeing the photographs that are taken everyday but it has come to the point where people are taking unnecessary risks to get those photographs.

“On Friday, Air Traffic Control had to stop our pilots performing circuits as there were people on the centreline of each runway, directly under the flight paths of the aircraft taking off and landing.

“By doing so people are endangering themselves and others and ATC had no choice but to stop us. Thereby curtailing crucial training for our pilots.

“Could we please request that people think sensibly about where to stand in order not to jeopardise their safety and our operations? Thank you in advance Red 10.”

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