Contemporary floating model to be moored on Lincoln Brayford

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A modern chrome sculpture is being built for an installation on the Lincoln Brayford Waterfront.

The project, which is being commissioned by the University of Lincoln’s contemporary arts programme Gymnasium, is in tribute to George Boole, the 19th century Lincoln mathematician.

The sculpture commemorates his work by referencing in the arch structures his ‘logic gates’, which formed the basis of computer programming.


It will be approximately five feet high and sit on a pontoon base. Arches will be constructed out of steel sheets and chrome coated to create a reflective surface.

Plans have been developed with the support of the Brayford Pool Harbourmaster and the Brayford Trust.

Managed by the university, he artwork has been created by internationally renowned artists Raqs Media Collective.

Subject to planning permission, the sculpture will join exhibitions of work which will be staged across the university campus between April 13 and May 7.

A University of Lincoln spokesperson said: “Gymnasium, the contemporary arts commissioning programme based at the University of Lincoln, has applied for planning consent to display a temporary art work on a pontoon in the Brayford Pool this summer.

“Gymnasium has commissioned Raqs Media Collective to create a sculpture entitled Perhaps (An Investigation Outside the Laws of Thought) in honour of George Boole, the 19th century English mathematician who was born in Lincoln.

“In conjunction with the sculpture, an exhibition of work by Raqs Media Collective will be staged on April 13 to May 7 in Project Space Plus at the University of Lincoln.”