Lincolnshire Police dog accused of attacks on Terrier and member of public put down

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A Lincolnshire Police dog accused of mauling a Yorkshire Terrier to death and attacking a member of the public within the space of 48 hours has been put down.

As reported in February, three-year-old Barbie was mauled on a private road near Fishtoft at around 10.35pm on Monday, February 29.

The police dog, a German Shepherd named Falco, was suspended from operational duty while an investigation was underway.

Lincolnshire Police referred themselves to the Independent Police Complaints Commission after it emerged that Falco may have also bitten a person in the Moulton Marsh area of Lincolnshire on February 27.

Photo: Lincolnshire Police

Photo: Lincolnshire Police

Deputy Chief Constable Heather Roach said: “This was an incredibly tough decision to make given the nature of the circumstances and the fact that our dog handlers care a great deal about their dogs, as we do as a force.

“As difficult as it was to take this action, which was carried out with very heavy hearts, it was decided that the best course was to euthanise Falco to ensure this type of incident never happens again.

“An IPCC investigation is still underway so we are limited in what we can say in relation to the exact circumstances until those enquiries have been completed.”