Spoof movie to spotlight the funny side of classic ‘Lincoln problems’

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Picturesque cathedral skylines, hidden treasures off cobbled tracks and puzzle pieces of fascinating history; just some of the Lincoln scenes that spring to mind for some. But for others the city harbours a few… ‘problems’.

(Mild language used, viewer discretion advised)

After a few years in the driving seat of the mickey-taking Facebook page Lincoln Problems, which has gained over 15,300 ‘likes’ with its daily quips, memes and ‘alternative news’ posts, Ashley Hill saw potential in his work on the silver screen.

Teaming up with videographer Paul Jackson, whose video of a ‘ghost’ at Lincoln Cathedral went viral weeks ago, the pair set about writing filming and editing spoof scenes at some of the city’s most iconic locations.

The film will even offer its own take on scenes from The DaVinci Code, Harry Potter and Star Wars, among other well-known blockbusters.

Ashley said: “I’m writing and starring in Lincoln Problems: The Movie and Paul is filming and editing.

“It just seemed like a natural progression for the Facebook page, plus I love writing comedy and making people laugh.

“It’s just a humourous and light hearted jibe at all things typically “Lincoln” that we can all recognise and laugh at.

“We’ve started filming, but it’s expected to take about three months to get what we want. We are hoping to have a proper premiere, then the full movie will be available free, through my Youtube channel.

“We’re looking at June time for the finished film.”

There are even opportunities for people to get involved themselves. There will be several speaking roles to fill, with details of auditions to be announced soon.

For those looking for more information and wishing to follow updates on the film, they can do so by following the Lincoln Problems: The Movie Facebook page.

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