Lincolnshire boy gets new prosthetic blades thanks to Lincolnshire Police

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Officers and staff from Lincolnshire Police came together to present 11-year-old Harvey Phillips with money raised over the last two years for a new set of titanium blades.

Lincolnshire Police and new recruit police puppy Olly met at the headquarters in Nettleham to present Harvey and his dad with a cheque for £13,928.21, which fully funded his new set of the specialist blades.

Harvey Phillips was under a year old when he contracted Meningitis and as a result had to have both his legs amputated below the knee and one arm below the elbow.

Former communications officer Dick Holmes, who grew a four inch beard to shave off in support of the charity effort, said, “It is a very good cause.

“We wanted to do something special for Harvey. I hoped to raised £500 or so but thanks to the generosity of colleagues, friends and family the beard shaving raised £3,500.”

Harvey thanked everyone for raising the money for his new blades: “These are better for me to run in and a lot comfier.”

This is something that his dad, Darren Phillips, explained he couldn’t do in standard issue prosthetic limbs.

He said: “They are helping him get better in sports and give him more freedom to do what he wants with his friends.

“As long as he is active, he is happy. With these blades, what Lincolnshire Police have given him is independence, freedom and the ability to run.”