Lincoln Netto to give away remaining stock to charity before closing

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Netto may be closed but it is refusing to waste the rest of its stock and is instead giving it away  to charity.

The discount supermarket off Tritton Road closed its doors at the beginning of August but has contacted Lincoln charity The Nomad Trust, as well as other charities, to give as much as it can to a good home.

The Nomad Trust was contacted by Netto to make sure the remaining stock didn't go to waste.

The Nomad Trust was contacted by Netto to make sure the remaining stock didn’t go to waste.

Still not wanting the food to go to waste, Netto is offering what little is left to disadvantaged families.

The store will be open again on Wednesday, August 3 from 10.30am – 12pm so that families in need can take advantage of the gesture.

The post states that although Netto wanted the food to go to charity it ‘realised the value in not just throwing it away.’

Victoria Bradshaw, Project Manager for The Nomad Trust said: “We’re very, very lucky with the help that we get from the local supermarkets.

“We will probably be able to fill a 500 litre freezer full of food and the rest is going free to local shoppers.

“What then doesn’t get taken will get thrown in the bin but hopefully they won’t need to do that.

“I have also referred them to ECHO (East Coast Homeless Outreach) who will be heading down tomorrow to pick some things up too.

“We are really grateful that Netto has called us and offered the food to us and we are grateful for any other help that we get from the city.”

As previously reported, the discount supermarket was one of 16 Netto stores to close across the UK after an announcement made by Sainsbury’s last month.

Sainsbury’s and partner Dansk Supermarket Group had ended ties, which were an attempt to rival the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Netto had only reopened in Lincoln nine months prior to closing resulting in up to 25 job loses.

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