Man vs Food host Adam Richman agrees to sponsor Lincoln football team again

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The presenter of cult television programme Man vs Food has agreed to sponsor a Lincoln football team for the second successive season.

Adam Richman has said that he will sponsor Broadley FC, a Sunday league football team created in September 2011 in honour of Richard Broadley, who died from leukaemia aged just 20.

The club contacted Adam last year on the off chance that he would be willing to help out with their pitch fees.

Adam handed over £800 of his own money to the club, covering not only the pitch fees but also buying personalised jackets for the squad and shirts with the logo of his production company on it.

Now, he has committed to sponsor the club for this season.

Adam Richman on the red carpet. Photo: BG Colby

Adam Richman on the red carpet. Photo: BG Colby

In a video posted on the club’s Facebook page, the Man vs Food star said: “I’m going to sponsor the team this year. I know you’re worried, I know you’ve been trying to reach me with the documents.

“I’ve got over 300 witnesses – I’m going to sponsor you again so you’ve found out in front of everybody!

“I’ve been so busy between taking care of my grandma, filming and promoting the show, that I haven’t got back to you.

“You can count on me to sponsor the team. They’re great, they help out with leukaemia and lymphoma societies in that area – just a class act.”

The club now has two teams, one in Lincoln and the other in Grimsby.

Adam’s generous sponsorship will fund both sides in the upcoming campaign.

Broadley FC, based in Lincoln

Broadley FC, based in Lincoln

Founder and club manager Matt Newton said: “This will be Adam’s second year of sponsorship and we are extremely grateful to him for his continued support. He has promised to financially help both of our Broadley FC teams.

“Adam has really taken the club to his heart and we would like to thank him for all he does.

“Without his support we would not be able to keep our Lincoln side playing.”