Yobs egg Pokémon hunters on Lincoln Brayford

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Mindless bullies throwing eggs at Pokémon hunters on the Brayford waterfront have been vilified by fans of the game in Lincoln.

Angry Pokémon Go gamers were forced to flee from the Brayford after the loutish attack on the evening of August 3.

Many of those who witnessed the egging took to Facebook to express their anger at the incident.

Clark Fuell, 33, who moved to Lincoln from London 18 months ago, regularly goes down to the Brayford to hunt for Pokémon.

He said: “The whole game has brought people out of their shell and really brought a sense of community spirit to the city.

“The interaction has been fantastic. I’ve spoken to countless number of people down there and even had meals with people as well.

I don’t know why people would do this as it reflects badly on the community and ruins the enjoyment for people having a good time.

Other Pokémon hunters have been leaving their comments on Facebook in reaction to the egging.

Heather Shaw said: “Sounds like they have a very boring life if the only thing they have to do is throw eggs at a bunch of people having fun.

“Some people just hate anything which is positive and creates a community spirit.”

Anthony Cargill was more upbeat, adding: “This won’t stop me going to the Brayford, and I hope it won’t stop anyone else going.

People have slammed Pokémon Go calling it immature, whereas this is the real immature behaviour.

“Don’t retaliate, just stand your ground and they’ll soon get bored.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “We are disappointed to hear of this anti-social behaviour and would encourage anyone who is the victim of a similar attack or witnesses one, to contact us on 101.”

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