A turtley amazing sight! Friendly reptile spotted in Lincoln canal

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A little terrapin turtle has been spotted swimming around in a canal in Lincoln.

The adorable creature was spotted at around 3pm on Wednesday, May 10 by Igors Grinkevics near Stamp End Road.

It was a bit of a shock for the Lincoln man, who said he had never seen a turtle swimming in a canal before when he posted his pictures on Facebook page: You’re probably form Lincoln if…

Photo: Igors Grinkevics‎

Despite the initial panic that the animal may be in danger, local residents commented on the post reassuring people that the terrapin was safe.

Jo commented on the post: “They’re fine, no need to panic – it’s nice to see.

“There are some at Hartsholme and in other canals, there’s plenty of food!”

Stuart Harold added: “They are all over the country in lakes rivers and ponds etc.

“I found an absolutely huge one down Sincil bank a few years ago. Must have been over a foot and a half across.”

A otterly wonderful sight!

This is not the first time adorable creatures have been spotted in Lincoln’s waters.

Earlier this year, a number of otters were spotted exploring the waterways of Lincoln’s city centre.

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