Angry residents take roadside grass cutting into their own hands

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A petition has been launched to ask Lincolnshire County Council to cut grass verges in the county at least once every three weeks after residents were forced to mow verges themselves.

James Kent launched the petition, which has so far received 142 signatures.

He has said on behalf of residents in the county that the reduction in grass cutting has resulted in an ‘unsightly mess’ within the towns in Lincolnshire.

James said: “The cuts Lincolnshire County Council have made to the grass cutting service has resulted in unsightly messy verges, litter and dog mess has increased.

“It is counter productive, we should be taking pride in our towns, not letting them look a mess.

“Its causing a hazard at road junctions and the council should increase the amounts of cuts back to once every three weeks, still saving money but at least the grass will look better.”

Taking matters into their own hands

This comes after one angry resident posted on social media that he had to take matters into his own hands in order to keep the street tidy.

The resident, who lives in North Hykeham, said on a community Facebook forum: “Doing the council’s job again for them today trying to tidy up the corner we live on in North Hykeham.

“Not only do they shut the street lights off at 11pm, only collect the rubbish once every two weeks and charge for your garden waste, they no longer maintain the footpaths and roads.

“Sometimes feel like sending them a bill for my work to try and make the estate look nice.”

Ensuring the service remains affordable

A Highway Spokesperson from Lincolnshire County Council, previously said: “The council can no longer afford to do everything it’s done in the past.

“We will now only be funding two cuts a year at locations where overgrown grass could cause safety issues. In addition, we’ll be carrying out weed control once a year.

“We believe this new approach strikes the right balance – it keeps our roads safe, while ensuring the service remains affordable.

“In some areas, the work will be taken on by the district or parish council, who may also carry out additional cuts at their own expense.

“This will save the council £750,000 annually, helping protect other vital areas like the pothole budget.”

To read or sign the petition, click or tap here.

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