General Election 2017: Lincoln candidates’ reactions

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After a night filled with a few surprises, the Labour Party gained a seat in Lincoln, with Conservative Karl McCartney losing to Karen Lee.

Lee defeated McCartney by 1,538 votes, turning around the previous Conservative majority.

Watch Karen Lee’s reaction after the votes were announced:

Karl McCartney, the Conservative candidate, did not offer interviews.

Following the result, Lincoln candidates from both UKIP and the Liberal Democrats congratulated Lee and gave their thoughts on what the national picture will look like.

Liberal Democrat candidate Caroline Kenyon said: “Labour mounted a very efficient and well-resourced campaign and Karen Lee will be a good MP for the city, I am sure. She truly loves Lincoln. I salute all my fellow candidates, it was a well-fought and civil campaign.

“Of course, I would have loved to have more of an inroad on my very first time standing for the Liberal Democrats, but this was a highly unusual general election, with all sorts of unique issues playing their part. I am very pleased to have had five weeks to introduce myself to the people of Lincoln, it has been a privilege and I have loved every minute of it.

Caroline Kenyon. Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

“More widely, it was a night of great surprises. For us, it’s wonderful to have political giants like Vince Cable back in the House of Commons, but really sad to lose Nick Clegg. I am thrilled we have gained more seats overall and in such a finely-balanced parliament our voices will be significant.

“As for Brexit, I think this is a happy day for those of us who believe leaving the EU is catastrophic on every level, but most importantly, for the economy. It is no coincidence that UK was at the top of the G7 for growth last year and is now bottom. In the EU, our growth trails Greece and Portugal. So I hope we will now have a more nuanced and less confrontational approach.”

UKIP candidate Nick Smith said: “Well what a night, we have switched from a Tory MP to a Labour MP, to be honest it makes very little difference to my life, whichever is our MP.

Nick Smith. Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

“I felt that UKIP came out with a good result considering the switch by many of our voters who were hoodwinked into believing the old battle between red and blue was all that mattered, I would like to thank the 1287 voters who stuck true to their principals, we are still the third party in Lincoln, reinforcing our local election results.

“Nationally it will be interesting to see if May survives, but how any party with a working majority can manage to lose its way to a hung parliament speaks volumes as to the Tory parties incompetence, not sure I want this lot doing the EU negotiations.

“Already we have seen backsliding on Brexit and the ink is hardly dry on the ballot papers, with David Davies saying we may have to rethink our position on the single market.

“I will say only what I have said for the last 13 years, if you want to leave the EU you will need to elect UKIP MPs as nothing else will do. So until next time have fun with the nightmare you have elected.”

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