“I wanted to be my best”: Lincoln woman reveals what it takes to be a bodybuilding champion

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A woman from North Hykeham has become a bodybuilding champion after losing over two stone.

Jenna Beckworth, 29, first got into bodybuilding three years ago after going through a big weight loss transformation on her own.

She told The Lincolnite: “I had initially lost over 13kg on my own, and always dreamt having a body that you see in magazines and to just be healthy and fit.

“I decided that I wanted to be my best and challenge myself physically and mentally, so I set about doing so and got the bug for it!”

What does it take to be a bodybuilder?

Jenna keeps to a strict diet and training scheme during competitive seasons.

She has so far competed for only 13 months and has taken:

  • Second place in toned figure in the PCA east coast qualifier
  • First place in the Athletic Figure Class at PCA Bodypower qualifier against 18 other females on stage
  • Female Overall Champion at the PCA Bodypower
  • Fourth place in the British Finals in a line up of 22 girls
  • First place in First Timers Toned Figure Show – taking first in the open toned figure class straight after
  • Third place at the NPA Yorkshire

Jenna has said that to be a bodybuilder you need to be prepared for hard work and have a deep passion for weight training.

She added: “To be a bodybuilder I believe requires a deep passion for weight training.

“The time, dedication, consistency and sacrifices you need to make to progress over time is something that you really must enjoy and do for the right reasons.

“My daily routine in a competitive season is different to an off-season where I am not preparing for contest.

“During the prep to a show, it requires training six-days-a-week, with additional cardio seven-days-a-week, sometimes twice a day in the run up closer to a target show.

“My job as a personal trainer and coach at Frontier Physical Conditioning, allows me to fit training in around clients, which does help manage my time.”

How do people react to female bodybuilders?

Jenna has said that although many people are positive about her new image, she does get “a few comments”.

She said: “You’re always going to have a few comments, but I don’t mind, I do this because it makes me happy and I enjoy it.

“The majority of people I have encountered have always been so positive and admire the dedication and drive to do the sport and the dieting.”

Jenna will now take some time out to focus on her training and making some improvements before hopefully bringing home a British championship title next year.

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