Global Stars aerobatic team added to 2017 Scampton Air Show line-up

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The world-renowned Global Stars aerobatic display team will be thrilling airshow visitors at Scampton in September with their four-ship display.

Global Stars are a team of British aerobatic champions past and present, who now fly at airshows all over the world.

The colourful foursome use an innovative ‘dotty’ smoke system releasing smoke in short bursts, providing a unique looking display and will make for some great photo opportunities, organisers said.

They operate a mix of the world’s best aerobatic aeroplanes and between them have decades of experience in competition aerobatic and display flying.

Paul Sall, Airshow Director, added: “The Global Stars and their distinctive, colourful display aircraft are sure to be a firm family favourite at this year’s show. Definitely one not to be missed!

“The Global Stars perform around the world and have visited India and China so far in 2017; their vibrant colours will be seen soaring through the skies this September at Scampton Airshow.”

The air show takes place on the weekend of September 9 and 10 at Scampton airfield, home of the RAF Red Arrows.

Performers will also join a static line-up that will not be seen anywhere else in the world.

Among the latest aircraft announced for the inaugural airshow is the F-4F Phantom, Su- 22M-4, Buccaneer S2B and the Hunter Mk.58:

F-4 Phantom

A two seat supersonic fighter-bomber with a distinguished history with a number of Air Forces around the world.


The Su-22 is a Soviet-era fighter-bomber developed from the more basic Su-7. The NATO reporting name for the aircraft is ‘Fitter’ and it served for many years with the Soviet military and was exported around the world as far as South America and South East Asia.

Buccanner S2B

The Buccaneer epitomises the fast, low-level ground attack concept. Having enjoyed a successful career with the Royal Navy, the Buccaneer realised its true potential with the RAF and South African Air Force where it soon proved itself to be an immensely strong, manoeuvrable and reliable aircraft with a better speed, range and weapons carrying capability than many others.

Hunter Mk.58

Ex Swiss Air Force, the MK58 aircraft, have a performance capability in excess of many more modern ground attack aircraft.