The stink is back in Lincoln! The city’s verdict on the foul smell in the air

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People in Lincoln have been holding their noses today as a strong smell has hovered over the city and surrounding villages.

Residents had their say on the manure-like whiff as The Lincolnite went out to gather their reactions.

Sheila Jackson, 60, said: “It’s annoying and horrible, it’s a dreadful smell! To me it smells like pigs, like cleaning the pigs out.”

“It’s absolutely horrible,” added Richard Crinks, 65, and his grandson Corban, 2, said: “Phwoar!”

The lingering smell could be smelt in the town centre and as far away as Bracebridge Heath and Welton.

“I think it’s nauseating and revolting,” said Janette Dooly, 63, while Danielle Jennings, 17, said that she “felt sick” because of the smell.

Most of the residents that were interviewed also said that the smell would put them off eating outside, potentially costing businesses money.

“We will probably avoid sitting outside,” Karl Williams, 51, while Janette said: “I wouldn’t want to eat outside.”

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