Final week: Five things to find at the Battles and Dynasties Exhibition

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The Battles and Dynasties exhibition hosted at The Collection museum is coming to a close on September 3, so we have picked out five rare artefacts for you to find before the one of the display.

1. Van Dyck’s Tripple Portrait of Charles I 

Based on the face of a king who lost his head. That’s three portraits for the price of one.

The triptych painting of Charles I has been generously lent by Her Majesty The Queen from the Royal Collection.

2. Hans Holbein’s Drawings of Anne Boleyn and John Fisher

Often touted as one of the greatest painters of the 16th Century. Holbein has captured the essence of the women who led to the destruction of the monastery and the man who was executed for his faith in it.

3. Mary Queen of Scots Death Warrant 

Issued by Elizabeth I. If you thought that your cousin was evil just be thankful they didn’t issue a death warrant on your head.

4. Throne of Queen Victoria 

Not just anyone could sit on this throne. Instead it was reserved for the Queen who watched over an empire ‘in which the sun never set’

5. Will of Henry V

Written before his final military campaign, it was the first to be written in English since the Norman invasion of 1066.

D-day for Domesday

There is also just over a week left to see the earliest surviving public record – the Domesday Book – during its once-in-a-generation visit to Lincoln Castle.

Dawn Haywood who was responsible for the installation of the exhibit told The Lincolnite “although its’s a cliché, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s been really well received by the public.”

She went on to highlight that many of the items on display come from collections which do not usually allow them to be loaned out.

The exhibit will finish on September 3 and will then be replaced by the Jake Moore digital gallery.

If you would like to visit the exhibit before it passes or want more information, you can follow the link here.

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