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‘Get it done before Christmas’: Traders’ views on Lincoln High Street pedestrian zone

The businesses have been largely positive about the plans.

Lincoln businesses affected by the new £800,000 pedestrian zone have backed the plans but have urged the council to complete it on time.

The works on Tentercroft Street leading towards the High Street started earlier this week and are set to last 14 weeks meaning they should be completed in time for this year’s Christmas Market.

Construction firm North Midland Construction will be carrying out the Lincolnshire County Council project.

This is how the street currently looks as it undergoes 14 weeks of roadworks. Photo: Guy Owen for The Lincolnite

The Lincolnite went to speak to businesses to see what their views were regarding the recent development and how it could impact them.


Photo: Guy Owen for The Lincolnite

Steph Richardson from Peacocks said the store has already seen a reduction of customers since the works began.

“I do think it is going to have an impact on the business as the first day the roadworks began on Monday we noticed that the trade was down and we were a lot quieter.

“In the long run it’s going to be good but while it is going on it is going to have an impact on us and the work is going to create more footfall at this end of the town.”

“I could see it taking longer than the planned 14 weeks, like most roadworks do, and obviously it is going to put people off coming up the street if there’s diggers and things like that, people will go a different way,” she added.

Music Room

Michael believes that the works shouldn’t impact businesses too much. Photo: Guy Owen for The Lincolnite

Michael Datoo from the Music Room said that the works should not affect trade too much as people will still be able to get into town and go shopping.

“I absolutely back the idea of turning it into a pedestrianised area,” he said.

“It’s not really affecting people getting into town and car parking places I don’t think it will have a major impact on Christmas trade.”

Faze 4

Photo: Guy Owen for The Lincolnite

Laura Cornwell, one of the managers at jewellery shop Faze 4, believes that the plans will help integrate Tentercroft Street with the High Street.

She said: “I definitely think it will impact us, but overall it is going to be a good thing for us as it’s going to help us integrate into the High Street, but at the moment when people see fences, bollards, diggers and hear the noise it definitely will put people off.

“If it is not done by Christmas it could have a massive impact, it is our busiest time of the year as a massive part of our trade is done from November onwards so we’re hoping that it is done as soon as possible and hoping it doesn’t drag on too long.”

Little Gift Shop

Photo: Guy Owen for The Lincolnite

Manager at Little Gift Shop Lynne Kelleher also thinks the work will make her shop feel part of Lincoln High Street.

“I think it will make our shop feel part of the main high street and it will be a nice flow through,” she said.

“I’d like to think it will also increase the amount of shoppers in this area, however if it goes on any longer than the 14 weeks it will definitely impact our business around Christmas time.”

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