One-legged man slashes biker in face in Lincoln road

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A motorcyclist was slashed in the face after being forced to stop by a one-legged pedestrian who blocked his path, Lincoln Crown Court was told today.

Jason Alcock-Towse was riding his machine along St Rumbold Street, Lincoln, when he found his way forward blocked by Clinton Smith.

Leanne Summers, prosecuting, said that Smith threatened Mr Alcock-Towse shouting: “I’ll smash your f***ing head in”.

Smith then jabbed his walking stick at the motorcyclist but Mr Alcock-Towse was able to snatch the stick out of his hand.

Miss Summers said: “The defendant swiped at the complainant and the complainant felt a connection with his chin.

“The complainant reacted and hit the defendant with his open palm and snapped the walking stick.”

Mr Alcock-Towse then moved his motorcycle to the end of Rosemary Lane where a passer-by informed him that his chin was bleeding. The woman recognised Smith and police were called.

Smith was arrested an hour later at a McDonalds restaurant. A knife was found in his coat pocket.

The court was told that Smith has 24 previous convictions for a total of 105 offences.

Smith, 48, of Kenner Close, Lincoln, admitted charges of unlawful wounding and possession of a bladed article as a result of the incident on January 31 this year.

He was jailed for 18 months and given a 14 day consecutive sentence for failing to answer to bail.

Mark Watson, in mitigation, said that Smith’s left leg has been amputated below the knee and at the time of the incident he was using a walking stick.

He spent six weeks in hospital following his arrest and is now wheelchair-bound, said Mr Watson.

“He has long-standing and debilitating problems which in recent months have worsened.”