Lincolnshire Police tooth fairies save the day after heartbreaking Lincoln burglary

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When a burglar targeted the home of the Coy family in Lincoln they left Lydia, 9, and William, 5, crushed.

While the family were asleep, offender Kennie Owen, 38, climbed through a window to steal numerous items including Lydia’s new schoolbag and William’s Paw Patrol money tin, in which he had been saving pocket money, gifts and change from the tooth fairy.

Investigating the crime on March 31 was the Team 3 CID based in Lincoln with officer in the case DC Amy Skelton.

Witness enquiries, forensics submissions, and searches of properties, led to the recovery of a majority of the stolen items which were returned to the family.

Kennie Owen initially denied the offence but later changed his plea and was sentenced to three years imprisonment at Lincoln Crown Court on July 7, 2017.

Sadly, William’s money tin was also discovered, torn open and emptied of his savings. 

DCs Richard Gray, Alex Rose, and Amy Skelton made the decision that they couldn’t return the tin in that state and to purchase an identical replacement, filled with generous donations from the staff at West Parade Police Station.

When officers returned the tin to William and his family his mother, Kate Coy, said:

“It means an awful lot to me, Richard, and the kids. Your kindness and going above and beyond will stay with us a long time”.

Her husband Richard Coy added: “Thank you once again to yourself and the entire team. You have made the children extremely happy, and highlighted to us, our friends and families just how good the police of Lincolnshire are”.

DC Amy Skelton, the investigating officer, added: “It is always rewarding to be able to reunite victims of crime with their stolen property, or to ensure a conviction of an offender.

“In this case we were able to go that little bit further by replacing William’s Paw Patrol money tin, filled with donations from officers and staff at Lincoln, which has made this conclusion one of the most memorable and satisfying for all involved.

“With the offender now in prison, I hope that the family are able to put this traumatic experience behind them.”

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