September 20, 2017 3.06 pm This story is over 48 months old

Revealed: The most popular baby names in Lincolnshire

Find out which baby names were the most popular in Lincolnshire in 2016.

Amelia and Oliver have been announced as the most popular baby names in Lincolnshire in 2016.

Almost 550 babies named Oliver were born in 2016, while 405 babies were named Amelia.

Oliver was once again the most popular name for boys in the UK, a title it has held since 2013.

However, Olivia has replaced Amelia as the most popular name given to baby girls in England and Wales.

Below are the top 10 most popular boys and girls’ names in Lincolnshire.


  1. Oliver
  2. Harry
  3. George
  4. Charlie
  5. Jacob
  6. Jack
  7. Noah
  8. Oscar
  9. William
  10. Alfie


  1. Amelia
  2. Olivia
  3. Isla
  4. Emily
  5. Ava
  6. Lily
  7. Evie
  8. Sophie
  9. Charlotte
  10. Isabella

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