Beginning with ‘B’: How many of these Lincolnshire words do you know?

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It’s aboot time The Lincolnite axed its readers addle another badge to their Yellowbelly language skills.

Seeing as some found the first letter ‘A’ test so aisy (and by now you’ll have had no problem understanding this), we thought we’d treat you to some Lincolnshire words beginning with ‘B’ an ‘all.

Lincolnshire has lost a great deal of its dialect over time. It is derived mainly from the Anglo Saxon language, due to the agricultural background of the county.

We hope you enjoy our second instalment. How many of these words can you define? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Back end
  2. Bairnes
  3. Bezzle
  4. Bobbery
  5. Bog pad
  6. Brain-pan
  7. Broodle
  8. Brussen
  9. Bust
  10. By and by


Scroll down for the answers…

Photo by reader Andrew Scott

  1. Back end – Autumn
  2. Bairnes – Children
  3. Bezzle – To drink fast
  4. Bobbery – Disturbance
  5. Bog pad – A footpath
  6. Brain-pan – Skull
  7. Broodle – To cherish
  8. Brussen – Fill up
  9. Bust – Broken
  10. By and by  After a time

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