December 8, 2017 11.19 am This story is over 77 months old

Lincolnshire farmer’s cracking invention claims to cook ‘the perfect egg’

The invention took 800 hours to build.

A Lincolnshire farmer has come up with an innovative contraption which cooks ‘the perfect egg’.

Phil Ashton, from Boston, spent 800 hours making the 8ft device in a way to spend less time poaching eggs.

The farmer calculated that he had spent 1,825 hours in the kitchen, the equivalent to 76 days in the kitchen making the perfect poached eggs.

A supplier for the Happy Egg Company, Phil’s contraption poaches the perfect egg in 162 seconds.

The invention was made over summer and uses 13 motors and gears and is controlled by eight microprocessors.

Each egg is then cracked and dropped from a specific height into boiling water, followed by a sieve that picks the egg from the pan and places it on the plate.

You can also find Phil’s perfect egg recipe here.