January 11, 2018 3.22 pm This story is over 53 months old

Blast from the past: Footage shows 1986 Lincoln bridge demolition

Old bridge just as controversial as new one.

Some may be unaware that Lincoln once had two railway stations, and Lincoln Central was not the first to be built in the city.

Footage from the Lincolnshire Film Archive of the demolition of a railway bridge in 1986 over High Street shows the history of the first Lincoln railway station at St Marks.

St Marks railway station, the first in Lincoln, was opened by the Midland Railway in 1846. Lincoln Central Station was built just two years later in 1848.

Photo: Lincolnshire Film Archive

At that time, the first station was called Lincoln Station and ‘St. Marks’ was added on September 15, 1950.

To save duplication of operating two stations, in 1985 the station closed and all services were diverted to the nearby Lincoln Central.

The bridge over the High Street was then demolished in 1986.

‘The good old days’

Members of You’re Probably From Lincoln If… discussed the demolition of the former railway bridge over Lincoln High Street in 1986 when the video was shared with the community.

Paul Turner said: “It’s the biggest mistake that they ever made getting rid of it.”

Photo: Lincolnshire Film Archive

Nick Scrimshaw added: “I remember them taking it down was I was young as my late grandparents lived on Smith Street and the train line was at the back of their garden.”

Valerian Fox commented:

“The trains went over the road, no traffic jams – the good old days.”

Jeff Sardeson added: “It caused chaos to road traffic when they took it down and the High Street has rarely really been an easy traffic route since.”

Rebecca Blaine said: “I remember that bridge as a small child!

“The structure was immense in size and quite intimidating to see. On a sunny day, it cast a big dark shadow over the road.”

Of course, the new £12 million footbridge over the High Street level crossing has been plagued by controversy since it was built too.