January 9, 2018 11.51 am This story is over 46 months old

Foot clinics set up to reduce amputations in Lincolnshire

Statistics show four out of five amputations can be prevented.

New one-stop foot clinics have been set up to help reduce the number of diabetes-related amputations in the county.

New clinics are being run at Lincoln County Hospital and Boston Pilgrim Hospital to help people suffering with foot conditions due to diabetes.

People with diabetes are much more likely to develop problems with their feet as high blood sugars can damage blood circulation and the feeling in their feet. If left untreated patients can develop foot ulcers, infections and, at worst, it can lead to amputation.

There are around 25 major (above or below the knee) amputations performed each year across the county due to diabetes.

Statistics show four out of five amputations can be prevented.

Murali Subramaniam, a vascular surgeon at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust said: “A diabetic patient is 16 times more at risk of having a limb amputation than a non-diabetic of the same age.

“Time is so important in these cases and having to wait for a referral to the diabetes foot team or vascular team could make a real difference between a patient keeping their foot or having to have it amputated. It really is that serious.

“By having these clinics a patient can come in see a diabetes doctor, have their foot treated by the podiatrist, they can seek the advice of the vascular team and can have scans, treatments and check-ups all in one visit.”

Dr Ammar Tarik is a Consultant Diabetologist at ULHT added: “By working so closely together we can prevent the risk of amputation it is as simple as that.

“Despite only running for a few weeks we are confident that we are going to see the new clinics having a positive impact, not only on the state of our patients’ feet but also their overall health.”

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